Renovation 2013-2016

"When the Church decides to once again cast its fate with contemporary art, that is when Charisma will emerge," said the very eloquent cathedral preacher Monsignor Otto Mauer in 1972, during one of his notable "International Conversations on Art." Forty years later, in 2012, the Vienna Archdiocese decided to meet the renowned collector and art patron's demands: The Archiepiscopal Cathedral and Diocesan Museum was closed and a conceptual redesign and a comprehensive renovation launched. The Otto Mauer Collection, which comprises more than 3,000 highlights of the Viennese Avant-garde, as well as Expressionist and Secessionist works, was to be brought to the fore.

The architectural and conceptual redesign is accompanied by a deliberate embrace of the tension-filled areas between religion, art, and society: Dom Museum Wien serves as a platform for intercultural and interfaith apporaches to dialogue between historic and contemporary art.

The expanded museum that now opens up out onto Stephansplatz provides a space where invaluable objects that inspire curiosity and amazement can be experienced, discovered, and discussed within the framework of state-of-the-art art education programs. The permanent exhibition, which features the most precious objects of the historic Cathedral treasury, is supplemented with a varied program of special temporary exhibitions that deal with historic and socio-cultural issues.

These permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as discoursive programs guarantee the continuation of Monsignor Otto Mauer's legacy: A contemporary perspective on historic sacred art combined with the funding and promotion of contemporary artistic practice. As such, Dom Museum Wien offers inspiring insights into 1,000 years of art- and Church history.