Mary and the Infant Jesus
Mary and the Infant Jesus
Mary and the Infant Jesus
Mary and the Infant Jesus

Late 14th century


Dom Museum Wien
On Loan from the Parish at St. Egyden am Steinfeld, Lower Austria


Medieval art

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Photo: Leni Deinhardstein, Lisa Rastl, Dom Museum Wien
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Mary and the Infant Jesus

The Queen of Heaven and her son are depicted as rulers and at the same time as a normal mother with her small child.

The Mother of God and the Infant Jesus are depicted as the rulers of heaven and earth; at the same time we seem to look upon a normal family scene. Mary is shown as the Queen of Heaven. Standing on a cloud base, she is represented with the attributes of crown and scepter, which were added at a later point in time; the Gothic figure was probably reinterpreted into a Regina Caeli then. The typical Gothic S-curve of the figure is emphasized by the golden band running down from the middle of her belt. Mary holds the naked infant Jesus on her left arm. With legs crossed, the boy child rests on his mother’s open hand like on a slab, holding a gilt globe with a cross in one hand. This globe is also a Baroque addition symbolizing Christ’s reign over the entire earth. With his other hand he has grabbed hold of Mary’s veil, a gesture imbuing the scene with life.

Not many things are known about the sculpture: we have no records that would allow us to identify the artist, the person commissioning the work, or the place where the sculpture was originally installed. Together with a number of other works, it was discovered by a clergyman on a farm in the mid-twentieth century. He handed the piece over to the parish church of St. Egyden am Steinfeld for liturgical use. Today, the polychromed wood sculpture is to be found as a permanent loan in the Dom Museum Wien. Copies of it were produced for both the parish church and the farm.